Time-Lapse: The little herb garden

Maybe a week ago I bought some packets with herb seeds (Garlic Chives and Coriander if I remember correct) and planted them. After about two days the first green tip was visible.

Magda had the idea of documenting the growth process in a time-lapse and I started experimenting around until I got the (alleged) correct settings. Over the Period of approximately 3 days I took a picture every 1.5 minutes. The only annoyance was that on the last day the sun decided to come out all of a sudden which led to some overexposure.

At the end I had around 2000 single images. Editing them one by one was too much and using the same settings for all of them was not an option either. For this I have to figure out a better workflow or maybe take care of these things during the shooting to get a better result.

Finally this is how it looks like:

Blarney Photography Club invites you

Blarney Photography Club wants to invite you to its yearly exhibition. The members present their best pictures from the past year. Additionaly the “Photographer of the year” award will be given out.
Everything will take place on 5.6.2014 at 19:30 in Christys Hotel in Blarney, for more information check blarneyphotoclub.com.