Who would have thought, blink once and another two months without a blog post are gone…

Not that there’s much going on at the moment except for a few minor things. I decided to let go photography for a while. Somehow I’m missing some sort of connection at the moment and I’m not sure where I want to go with the whole thing. I’m looking at lots of inspiring pictures from other photographers and came to the conclusion that  I have no idea what to do myself. That’ll blow over somewhen.

In the meantime I’ve taken care of our garden shed and working on making it more cosy so I can work on other projects. I think I’ll start with electronic stuff again and finally use my soldering iron and the Arduino I’ve got laying around since ages. At the moment the shed is a bit of a construction site but I’m nearly there. Just filling up some gaps, fixing the tabletop and some painting and off we go.


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