Nearly getting somewhere! Now that the telescope has arrived and the USB to ST-4 adapter it’s all coming together. After spending half of the night setting everything up, re-configuring the software and trying to figure out how PHD2 works I had just about enough time to get one “proper” exposure before the clouds rolled in.

My first guided photo, 126 seconds exposure. There’s enough to learn and to improve but it’s impressive to see what a proper telescope makes compared to the old crappy zoom lens. Since Arcturus was hiding behind the electricity line, I’ve pointed the telescope somewhere randomly. Looks like I got into the neighbourhood of Giausar. Check out the results as well. There’s still a ton of distortion anywhere except for the center since I don’t have a field flattener yet.




Recently I got more and more interested in astrophotography. The arrival of the comet NEOWISE prompted me to dive deeper into this topic and I invested in some new gear. First pictures are promising, but still so much to learn. Currently the main limitation is the lens and unguided tracking, but baby steps and so on.

Out with the old, in with the new!

A bit of a refreshment of the old website.

Less text, more visuals. Enjoy!