Leather phone case nearly finished

Took me a good while to get to this stage of the phone case, been pretty much lazy with the leatherworking. But today I finally (nearly) finished the case for my phone. The only thing missing is the magnetic button which will hold down the latch on the top.
I had to heat up the needles and bend them since the space inside is pretty tight and I wouldn’t be able to pull the needles trough.

This is how it looks like:

Runbo X5: Battery life

It’s been a few weeks now that I am using the X5. One of the main reasons for this phone was the battery (3800mAh) and it doesn’t disappoint. With some tweaks there is no problem using the phone for a whole week. Since I’m not using the phone during the night time when I’m asleep there’s no need for the phone to be switched on at all. The good thing is that there is a setting which allows the user to switch it on and off at a certain time. In my case it’s running for 13 hours daily during the week, on the weekend I usually switch it off manually.
The screen brightness is set to “Automatic” but I am not sure how much that would take off the battery when set to full blast.
Apart from that I don’t use the phone for much things which would drain the battery, the mail is checked every 15 minutes. From time to time I switch on WiFi to get some bigger mail attachments downloaded or to send a photo, a bit surfing the web now and then but that’s it.
With this usage profile I have no problems using the phone for nearly a whole week, starting Monday morning fully charged until around Saturday night / Sunday morning. At some stage I have to figure out if there is a use for the integrated CB radio around here.

The Runbo X5: Finally a phone for me

Update: Check out the leather case I made for the phone.

Since the last mobile I had (Galaxy Note II) didn’t last so long and I managed to crack the screen in no time I decided to get a phone which can take a beating. After some research I decided to go with the Runbo X5. You have probably never heard of it. It’s the perfect phone for me, you can drop it, throw it in the water, run over it with the car, freeze it, put it in the washing machine and in the dryer afterwards (at least that is what you see on YouTube). Read more “The Runbo X5: Finally a phone for me”