Side note

Who would have thought, blink once and another two months without a blog post are gone…

Not that there’s much going on at the moment except for a few minor things. I decided to let go photography for a while. Somehow I’m missing some sort of connection at the moment and I’m not sure where I want to go with the whole thing. I’m looking at lots of inspiring pictures from other photographers and came to the conclusion that  I have no idea what to do myself. That’ll blow over somewhen.

In the meantime I’ve taken care of our garden shed and working on making it more cosy so I can work on other projects. I think I’ll start with electronic stuff again and finally use my soldering iron and the Arduino I’ve got laying around since ages. At the moment the shed is a bit of a construction site but I’m nearly there. Just filling up some gaps, fixing the tabletop and some painting and off we go.



It’s finally happening. I’m currently finalizing the new layout. If everything works and the functionality doesn’t make too much trouble everything will be ready by the end of February. Here’s a preview:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-31 um 16.21.38

Movember Photoshop template for the Twitter header image

I’ve spend this morning to create a template for Twitter. Since I participate in Movember again, I thought I create a matching header image.

The Photoshop template is fairly simple, just toggle visibility for the needed folder:


“Mo Sista” and “Mo Bro” are the icons above the user picture, “Stache Status” is the arrow and “Movember” is the stach on the right side.

Here are the premade header images, since Mo Sistas don’t have a Stache Status I couldn’t think of anything suitable. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Movember Header Bro

Movember Header Sista

And here’s the Photoshop Template.

Back from holidays

A week of holiday is always flying past much too fast. We’ve returned from Crete yesterday night, now a ton of pictures are waiting to be sorted.


Problems with image processing

It seems that there are some issues with how WP is processing images. It seems that the preview images are rendered correct, but the full view is off with the exposure.
Alternatively there could be a problem with the image processing software I’m using, let’s see.